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Which means it’s time for my annual almost-labor day-sore throat.


Every single year, at exactly this time, I get a miserable sore throat that leads into a miserable cough and lasts for what feels like forever. It’s not a mind over matter thing either, I don’t think to myself in the upcoming weeks ‘oh no, I’m going to be sick soon’, nope. I forget all about it until it hits me, and then I think back to the previous years and I remember it well because the first year this happened I woke up sick the morning after my friend Danielle’s birthday, and then the next year I was sick right after her birthday and I thought to myself it was a strange coincidence.

It’s been a few years of this now. It’s still a strange coincidence.

I assume it has to do with subtle changes in the weather and seasons. Granted, I am not noticing any changes other than my sore throat, there must be SOMETHING my body reacts to at the exact same time every year.

In other news, I never posted about this before because even though I was happy and proud of myself, it never crossed my mind to mention it to anyone besides the people I talk to everyday, but on August 1st I started a low carb, high protein, lots of veggies and fruit diet hoping to lose a couple of pounds, just to make my clothes fit well again.

On the 16th I had lost ten pounds. In the last two weeks I’ve gone up and down 2 or 3 pounds here and there but am still at an overall lose of 10 pounds, and today I’m wearing a jacket that was a gift to me for my birthday in February, and it was much too tight to wear comfortably. Today, it’s a perfect fit, and super cute 🙂 Last weekend I wore a pair of skinny jeans I hadn’t been able to fit into in probably a solid year. I’m so proud of myself!
Kyle and I have been insanely busy the last two weeks. Multiple nights on the town, birthday parties, weekend in Chicago, and of course… the big move across town. We absolutely love our new apartment, it’s gorgeous. Better than I even thought it would be. I love waking up in the morning with the living room full of sunlight, I get to tidy up and run the dishwasher or the washing machine in the morning while getting ready for the day and everything is almost completely put away. I love the layout and the organization of this place. Walk in closets with drawers and shelves, and entire storage unit right off the balcony. Sigh. This place is perfect for us! We’ve been there almost two weeks and are already talking about how sad it’ll be when it comes time to move out next year. Plus, the pool is fantastic! I’m sad we only got to enjoy it for a week. Stupid labor day.