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My boyfriend started his teaching internship yesterday.

He is enjoying it so far.  I’m hoping it’s feeling normal and natural for him. He seems happy, so all is well.

I, however… I feel… strangely… old.

Funny how that happens though, considering I’ve been working full time for two years, in a career like mindset, especially recently, and yet it’s his full time position that is making me feel older.   For the last almost-three years I’ve been thinking “someday I’ll say that my boyfriend is a teacher” and it was all fine and dandy. Now when I say “my boyfriend is a teacher” I realize that we really ARE in our mid-twenties and no longer kids.

Awe, my boyfriend is a teacher! I’m so proud of him, he decided a few years ago he was going to teach science, at least for a little while in his life, and he has been through hell in back on this path. However, he passed through all the bad luck and dark days and he has accomplished his goals. He set out to be a teacher and here he is… teaching! He’s going to be amazing at it too.

The hardest part of our recent adulthood is not being able to talk to him all day. Ha! I’m such a baby. I have to go ten hours without a text from him since the high school he is teaching in has cell signals blocked, and I’m like… melting away from lack of communication. By 2pm I’m twitching with excitement to get home so we can talk about our days.  That’s okay though, we get home and get to have long, in depth conversations over dinner.

Everything is working out, just as we always planned. :0)