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….And I’ll be stepping of the plane in Nashville! I feel like I’ve been waiting an eternity but now it’s just around the corner and I have been full of butterflies and excitement all week.

After spending almost half my life (11 years now!) with Andrea Jean as my best friend, this is one of the longest periods of time we’ve gone without seeing each other. Our reunion will probably be as tearful as it was when we said goodbye last April.

We have created a schedule of events from flight arrival through flight departure a few days later, and even though all those events will be awesome, the best part will just be seeing and talking to Andrea again. If there is anyone in the world I can always be 100% open and honest and completely myself with, it’s her. But, I think I’ve said that already in a few previous entries here.

When I get back, expect pictures and stories and inside jokes.

In other news, for those of you who asked, I’m sorry I haven’t posted pictures of my new place yet. Kyle and I have been so busy and even though the apartment is all clean and put together and pretty, none of our pictures or shelves are hung so the walls are still looking quite bare. In time though, in time.

That’s all for now.