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It’s Fall.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Fall.

Growing up my favorite parts of fall included the obvious bits: Crisp air and the colors of the leaves changing, but also less obvious thinks like walking onto campus for the first time of the new school year, whether it was high school or college, buying my school supplies, putting on tights under my dresses and wearing scarves with light jackets. It’s always been the perfect time of year for me. As I grew older I was introduced to even more amazing fall things, such as football and spending days at the cider mill and pumpkin patch, even the art of embracing Halloween as an adult.

As most other people also know, my boyfriend is a teacher. After recently graduating from college this is his first year being in a school full time, and with it being a high school I am now reminded of the activities teenagers get to participate in: the joys of homework and exams, but also the glorious events surrounding school spirit week and Homecoming.

I [obviously] begged Kyle to supervise Homecoming and Prom and take me as his date. That’s never going to happen… but it was fun to tease him about it and plead for him to ask me to the dance. However, this Friday he is helping supervise and block traffic for the homecoming parade, and is taking me with him, and I can’t wait! I’m so excited to see a homecoming parade again and be around the high school environment. I am pumped for my first official fall outing, I can’t wait to get cutsie’d up in my light jacket, my scarves and my knit hat with my knee high boots over jeggings.  After my first fall event I can officially get into the cider and apples and caramel and pumpkin spice everything….!

All of my October weekends are already booked (as they are every year, before September even comes to end) full of Autumn events with friends and family, ranging from football games and tailgates to pumpkin patches and haunted trail rides.

Bring it on Autumn 2012. You officially begin for me this Friday, and I’m going to wear you out by Thanksgiving. I’m a lucky girl to have a boyfriend and friends and family who are willing to partake and enjoy the events that I am head over heels in love with. 🙂