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The internet is funny. You google something random, because it crosses your mind, and two hours later you’ve read 13 different articles, watched 6 youtube videos and looked at 4 websites you’ve never seen before. You end up leaving your computer after forgetting why you got on in the first place. The numerous things you saw had nothing to do with each other and even though you took in a lot of different information, you never really feel like you learned anything.

That happened to me today, after I got on to search for how many PSI I should have in my tires, I wound up coming across the following:

42 Practical ways to improve yourself
I actually read articles similar to this quite often. I’m all for bettering myself. But usually they’re more like “how to save money ” or “how to reduce your carbon footprint” or things like that. More specific ways to improve on your life and self.  Reading through it, I realized a lot of these things I either already do or already attempt to do, except for a few which I honestly just didn’t care about. However, it did inspire me to keep a list of the main things I already do, the really important ones, and make sure to never stop doing those things. A list to remind me that if there is ever a day I’ve forgotten about those things, that’s the day I’ve failed myself.

My list:

1. Always be taking part in something as a group. Whether it’s a fitness class (like my yogalaties) or a book club (like the one I’m in at work) always be doing SOMETHING! This is important to me for multiple reasons. It gets me out of the house, it keeps me socialized, it gives me something to look forward too and work towards, and keeps me in a routine.

2. Always be reading a book. Always have a book on you, no matter where you go or what you’re doing. Reading makes me happy. It makes me feel like I’m keeping my intelligence from falling away from me. It keeps my vocabulary in tact. I thoroughly enjoy it. It gives me something to do when I find myself in a situation where I’m bored or needing to look busy. Keeps my lunch breaks interesting and keeps me entertained at the DMV. Whatever, it’s good stuff.

3. Have a hobby. I’ve never considered myself as someone with a hobby until recently, and what I’m considering to be my hobby now is the furniture restoration. I know I’ve only done it once but I’m actually really passionate about it and I have quite a long list of more projects I can’t wait to get my hands on once I can afford to jump back into it again, and find somewhere to do it. Painting on my balcony isn’t going to be very fun once it’s freezing out.

4. Never forget about the importance of a To-Do list.  I get teased for my to-do lists, and my countdowns for that matter, but they honestly keep me on track. I have to-do lists for the future, for the current day, for the upcoming weeks. I have to-do lists with big things, small things, expensive things and cheap things. I have a to-do list for everything. Within my to-do lists there are grocery lists and lists of bills and paydays and other financial matters, there are lists of books to read, and those I’m currently reading, and the ones I’ve finished. There are lists within lists and I love them all. This here, is even a to-do list. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly organized person, but I like the lists. I love crossing things off the list. I like seeing how far I’ve come and what I have left to do. I like being reminded of what I’m working towards.

There are MANY other greats things on that list of 42 practical ways to improve yourself. These are just the ones that stuck out to me the most.  Check it out for yourself and see if anything jumps out at you 🙂