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I need to write a ‘random thoughts’ blog because I have nothing specific I can really talk about right now. Writers block? I doubt it, I just spent the last ten or so days in a sleepy haze and have no motivation to get serious about a topic.

So, I’ll just update on life, and other random things in life.

1. Kyle and I attended the wedding of my godmother’s son, whom I’ve known since birth, this last weekend. It was lovely. Outdoor autumn wedding, it was a bit chilly, but the ceremony was short and the reception had a fire and great food. My parents, Kyle and I spent the night chit chatting and drinking and just enjoying ourselves. I’m sure Jayce and Nicole will have a very happy life together 🙂

2. I started my yoga-Pilates combination class last week and I absolutely love it. I just couldn’t find time for the gym anymore and the class setting with a group of pretty cool girls suits me much better. My instructor is fantastic and motivating and…. my body LOVES yoga and Pilates. I hadn’t really done any classes like this since early in college and I’m so happy I decided to jump back into it. I look forward to each class and feel great.  Since losing the 12 pounds in August and now this class… I can honestly say I feel 100% about my shape and health. 😀

3. A few weeks ago I got involved with habitat for humanity; I finally took the plunge and signed up officially as a regular volunteer. However, the only two times they’ve had an opening on their volunteer calendar so far have been days I was unavailable (the day of the wedding was one), so I haven’t been able to do any physical work yet, but I’m pumped for the day that I can go out there and help. I know it’s getting cold out, but I’m excited to bundle up and get out there to hammer some nails! Available time slots open up pretty often but fill up really quick, I keep the calendar on a constant refresh status and will be pumped when I can dive in!

4. I paid off one of my smaller debts today. I bought a bracelet for Andrea Jean before she moved to Nashville and then when we moved bought some new supplies and decorations for the apartment and that was all on one card, it wasn’t A LOT of money, but because I also bought the brand new couch, between the two it took me longer to pay off than I was expecting, but it’s paid off now! That’s $50 a month I can now keep in my pocket. (Sort of, Christmas is coming, so I’m sure I won’t actually get to keep ANY money the following couple of months). I’m happy though because the budget I made (which is very strict) at the end of August has really kept me on track for saving and paying off my car and couch at a [hopefully] fast rate.

5. I’m not a money hungry person, not by any means. I want to grow up and buy a small home and have nice, but inexpensive things, I want to live under my means and have a lot in savings, to use on vacations and to spoil my friends and family and of course for emergencies. I don’t need or want fancy things that leave me with no leftover money. However, right now, at this time in my life, all I want in the world is more money. I want to pay off my debts and I want to get the savings started, but right now with student loans and a few other things, that’s quite impossible. It’s a work in progress though, and it gets better every month. Which… I’ve written about probably every month. Sorry I’m repetitive. I write to remind myself sometimes.

6. Kyle is doing great with his teaching internship. We feel like we never see each other, between our work schedules and the fact that when he is home he’s surrounded by homework deadlines and lesson plans, but, we’re happy and getting through it.  He’s tired but happy and I’m proud of him everyday. I knew he’d be great, but being there and getting to come home to him and his thoughts and stories makes me smile every day.

7. My sleepy haze, however, is driving me crazy. For probably a solid week now I think I’ve been fighting off a cold or something. I don’t consider myself actually ill, but I’m exhausted and have no motivation to do anything other than lay on the couch, read a book and go to sleep early. Maybe it’s the weather. I’ve been content with it though, I’m super relaxed and some of the best nights consist of laying with Kyle while he does homework and keeps me warm 🙂