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Yesterday I had many conversations with people through WordPress and other blogging pages (and a few random readers) and the main topic really seemed to be “why blog?”

Everyone who blogs does it for different reasons, but yet all those reasons are similar; Yes, we all write because like writing, or out of our own entertainment/boredom through our days and our lives. Some blog about their personal life, in detail, to the point where its like reading an extremely detailed soap opera. Others use blogging as a way to discuss current events going on in the world or their communities/state/country; Some blog about recipes or crafts, others about motherhood/family/parenting tips. Everyone has their own topic. Some don’t write anything at all but use their pages for interesting links, videos, or photographs they’ve taken.

I follow blogs that consist of topics with personal life stories, living a ‘green’ life, saving money and budgeting, news, fashion/makeup/style, and people who write short stories, fiction and nonfiction, all entirely entertaining.

I personally blog about a little bit of everything. My main goal for starting this blog was because I A) Love to write and B) I wanted to express my thoughts in my own way. I mean it when I say that this blog truly is a ‘big book of little thoughts’. I write about my own life a lot, and how I feel about things that I see or experience within it. I write my opinions on my life and sometimes other lives and what I see or hear in the world. I express my desire to spend every day happily and try to explain to others how easy it is to do that. Life is what you make it, that type of thing.

I write to keep myself keen on actual writing.

Before the car accident and the brain damage I had ridiculous amount of imagination and motivation. I would sit down and write a story for an entire day, shooting out a hundred pages, multiple chapters, thousands of lines of dialog and detailed scenery. However, I lost that ability somewhere along the road. I no longer have the creativity to write interesting stories. It breaks my heart but it’s the truth.  I feel like I still have the ability and motivation to write and keep things interesting, but I no longer can create elaborate story lines and keep them going.

After the accident and through the brain therapy I didn’t write at all. I never picked up and pen and I never sat at the computer typing away. I think I even forgot for a little while that writing was something that I did. It wasn’t until.. well, more than a year after, that I read another girls blog (which consisted of short stories) and remembered ‘Oh, my, gosh, I used to do this!” and then I tried, hard… and often, and got no where. I fell into a sad sort of writing depression where I’d start and quit and start and quit. I couldn’t get past the first chapter; I couldn’t keep the details coming. I couldn’t do it. I no longer had it in me.

So, now, over five years after, I still don’t have it. But, I can still write. Some say my writing is now more like a columnist, which is okay. I’m not thrilled with it but I do it to pass the time, keep myself sane, and because I still enjoying having a written voice.

This is why I blog. What motivates you to come back everyday? Are you a reader or a fellow blogger?