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I reached my 100th post! Yay, go me! 🙂

EDIT: I know now that Donald Trump has released his big news and blah blah and it has nothing to do with the supposed divorce that never happened. Sorry, I was killed by false news as we are all these days. Anyway, the following is still how I feel, and Donald Trump is still an idiot. 🙂

Moving on. Apparently Donald Trump found some old documents that state that at some point in their twenty year marriage, Barack and Michelle Obama filed for divorce. Trump is making a big huff-puff about it and talking about how he’s looking forward to seeing how PR manages to cover this one up. My thoughts?

A. He’s not the first person ever to consider divorce, in a nation where more than 50% of marriages end in divorce… why is he any different? Just because he is the president of our nation and has the potential to become the next president of our nation, does not mean that his personal life, and his prior personal life at that, makes him any more or less suitable to be the president. Being president is his job, being with Michelle is his personal life. Granted, in this profession his personal life does bubble over into his career, but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING.

B. The fact that they were considering divorce but have obviously gotten over that, means they are a hell of a lot stronger than most of American’s and most marriages that find themselves in similar situations. Obviously I don’t know what type of marital issues they may have crossed in their lives together, but the fact that they stepped up and worked it out proves that they’re hardworking, determined people! They made a vow and they worked through their problems to keep their promise to one another. Most people don’t. Most marriages give up and aren’t willing to put the honest HARD work into their marriage and when it starts to fall apart, they let it. Barack and Michelle Obama had the opportunity and considered ending their marriage but they didn’t take it. That makes me pretty damn proud of them.

Enough of that. I can’t wait for the political race to come to an end. Like I said before, I won’t be disclosing who I’m voting for or even my reasons why. Obama and Romney are the top candidates and cheers to whoever wins. But to whoever does win, you better do your damnedest to succeed and make this country a better place. That is what we’re hiring you to do, and you better do it. Don’t let us down.

However, if Romney wins, I really hope Ann finds something better to do than hang around him all the time. She is extremely annoying and irritates me to no end already. Even her facial expressions make me want to tell her to hush.

But yay for them for ALSO staying married all these years. Being a politician can’t be easy on the relationship. But this is not what this post is about, my point about all that was just that Donald Trump is an ass and an idiot and his wanting to expose The Obama’s “dirty little secret” is just plain scummy and I hope, as a nation, we can make him feel stupid for  trying and blow past it like it doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t.

In other sillier news, I decided on my Halloween costume and out of my poor lifestyle, I decided to go the cheapest route I can.  A little face makeup, a specific outfit from my closet and an $8 set of ears and a tail…and bam: I’m a cheetah.