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It was a lazy, recovering kind of Sunday.

Kyle and I were flipping through channels of random Halloween movies and the one he kept coming back to was The Addams Family, which in my opinion is dreadfully annoying and that type of crude humor isn’t funny to anyone, so I wasn’t paying much attention. That movie could be good, but it’s full of fart noises and honky sound effects.

But then there was a scene that just showed the big old decrepit house. And I thought “wow how beautiful that house could be. If it were in good shape I’d want that house”.

Except, that’s always been the furthest thought from my mind… A big house. I want a cute smaller home, not tiny, but just big enough. Not too much extra space. So the next thought I had was what I’d do with all that extra space in the Addams Family Mansion and I immediately got excited with ideas for a bed and breakfast. Again, though, this is so far off from my normal way of thinking because, well, bed and breakfasts are creepy. Shared common areas are prime locations for awkward interaction with strangers while you’re just trying to enjoy your stay. Plus, then I’d be living in my own house, while a bunch of strangers wandering around within it as well. It’s just weird to me.

But then there is that other side of my mind that says…. why? It could be beautiful! You could privatize the hall that has your own bedroom and bathroom and whatever else, and even a personal sitting room with a TV and a cozy couch.  I’ve always said I want to be a stay at home mom without the kids, so this is a fun little game in my mind. Keeping the house clean [probably with help], bookkeeping, checking in and out, making reservations. This is something I think I’d actually be good at.

Granted, it’s just a silly daydream. I’d never be able to afford a house that big and a bed and breakfast isn’t exactly a stable investment.  Maybe if I was already rich, maybe if I find myself 40 and unmarried, maybe if the pieces fall in different places, then maybe. But it’s only been in my mind for an afternoon and I’m sure that it’ll be replaced by something else in time.

It’s fun though, for me. I enjoy creating the scene in my mind and seeing how it would look, how it would play out. I like the inner challenge of figuring out the details without having to actually figure out the details. I’m probably a little crazy, considering I took a scene from a movie I wasn’t even watching and turned it into a detailed script in my own mind, from the color of the entry way walls to the style of lobby window. I suppose in that sense I do have a bit of an imagination, except I’d never be able to write the details down. They’ll stay up in my mind living in the big house I don’t actually own and tending to the guests I’ll never actually have.