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I watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time last night.

It was really, really sad. I don’t know if other people watch that movie and think that it’s incredibly sad, but I was just bummed out the entire time watching. That poor man! Those poor people. It made me emotionally distraught!

I recently saw “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” too, and even though obviously they are extremely different movies, they both have that same sad tone through the entire thing. The same concept of a person trying hard to do and be their best and yet never finding a meaningful happiness or succeeding in the way they’d like too. They both end in a very “and life continued on like this” type of way rather than finding that ‘happy ending’.

Thanks a lot Johnny Depp. Thanks for making me sad.


I shouldn’t complain that much, my favorite movie of all time follows the same concept. Life is hard and no one is perfect and everyone is working towards a better inner self, but then in the end nothing really changes and you come out of the movie knowing that they had an experience but that after the movie ends their lives continue on as they were and as they are and there is no major change. I’m referring to Lost in Translation here. Favorite. Movie. Ever. So deep, meaningful, subtle, amazing. I love it. Two lost souls meeting up only because they’re literally the only two people in an entire hotel that can understand one another and what it’s like to be ‘stuck’ in Japan. They experience the culture shock together and the difficulties and boundaries that language provides. They build off one another. They get to know one another. They find an inner peace together even though they know that once they leave Japan, they’ll lose each other. It’s hauntingly beautiful and sad.

This is the only movie in the world where you can put two married people in a bed together and yet show it in a way that is completely innocent and appropriate. It’s just a beautiful story.

Okay, okay, I promise I’ll stop rambling and see if I can conclude this post with a point {spoiler: I probably can’t}.

I meant to use this post to talk about how amazing the Tour of Terror was and get some pictures of our awesome costumes… but, I guess that will have to be later.

Okay here’s my shot at making a point even though this post went haywire: Movies that show realistic experiences and reactions (even in unrealistic situations) are usually viewed as “sad”. Why is it that a real-life situation is so sad? Are we, the human race, so expectant on situations ending in magically and powerful ways that when something happens normally it’s not good enough? 500 Days of Summer is another great example. Granted that movie has the sad story involved of a broken heart, but that is a movie that blatantly shows a very common, real life situation, which a real-life ending… and it’s sad. He doesn’t get the girl he worked so hard for. He meets another and the cycle starts again. Obviously we don’t know if that one worked out or not, and we’d all like to think that it does, but there is no proof of that. The main story ended without any magic and that’s how real life is, don’t wait on unrealistic expectations to follow through into reality.

So come on people! Start living your life with a smile, rather than waiting for the huge breaking point in the story… that moment probably won’t come. Stop waiting for what’s next and enjoy what you have right now!! 🙂

Ha okay I’m done rambling. This has been one long rambled week.