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I’m 99% sure I’ve been plagiarized.

Not my exact words, but my ideas.

I sent a written piece, per request, to another blog that asked me to write an article about blogging. It was simply stated as ‘write something other writers would read, something you’d find in an instructional guide for writers’.

So, I did. Ten days or so went by and I never heard another word. They said they wanted to post it at the end of the month, so naturally I went to the website and there it was…. almost.

It wasn’t written word for word from mine, but the title was the same, the themes were the same, the tips I included in mine, were the exact same tips on the site. Mine was written in paragraph form, as if I was standing in front of you talking about it, this one was written in more of a list form. The sentences that were included with each tip weren’t exactly the same as mine, but the overall point I was making, was the exact same point as the article.

I had a friend look into it. Apparently it can’t truly be considered plagiarism because enough of it was changed that there isn’t anywhere where an exact same sentence is written word for word, and the topic at hand is broad enough that by some random happenstance this other girl may have honestly written the same thing I wrote, in her own style (which, wasn’t nearly as well written as mine).

I’m not positive I’ve really been plagiarized. I mean, I can see it, and what are the chances that this girl actually just had the exact same theme and idea written just like mine? The only essential difference is that I wrote it in paragraph form and she wrote it as a list, and hers aren’t in the same order, but it’s ALL THERE. It’s my title, and my themes. Just written differently. Oh, and she added half a paragraph about something I hadn’t talked about, right in the middle. So, by no means is it identical or exact, but it’s so damn close it’s creepy.

I googled her. I found her, and what I think is even more strange is the fact that this website is available to writers and readers everywhere, it is the INTERNET and all, and yet this girl lives in the same city as I do. According to the internet, and her personal webpage, she writes for three other blogs too… except when I went to them online… none of them worked.

Interesting, right?

So for all I know she’s made up, and the website uses her name and re-writes peoples entries in order to not have to credit them for the article. Or she’s real but they do that anyway. Or maybe she is my brain-twin and we should probably be best friends.

Whatever. I can’t prove anything. And because I can’t prove anything I also can’t tell you who I wrote the article for because it could be considered libel if I’m wrong.

Tomorrow I’ll post the actual article I wrote though, because I think it’s really well written and the original version deserves to be read, too.