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I read A LOT of articles online everyday, and probably 60% of them have to do with budgets, financial strategies, saving money, blah blah blah ‘Sara wants to live on only 50% of her income so she reads too much about money’ types of articles. But today I read one that I actually found interesting. I’ve read others that are similar to this “the secrets of millionaires” style articles, but they’re all so blah blah blah and essentially the same tips I always read over and over. Now, granted, this one also says the same thing over and over, but this one is written in a way that re-motivated me. I enjoyed it. I remembered where I stand and why I stand there.

Okay, all I’m saying is that I recommend it. Check it out:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and hopefully it’ll help motivate you to save an extra $10 every week 🙂