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I try not to talk about homesickness.  I rarely mention it to Kyle or to my friends. I tend to talk about it the most to Kyle’s mom, whom I am extremely close to. I almost feel as if, because she is a mother, she is the most willing to listen to me talk about how much I miss my own.

The homesickness started once I was moved to East Lansing. I don’t have any memories of being homesick when I lived in Flint, but that is probably because being only an hour from home, I pretty much went back whenever I wanted and never had the chance to actually miss it. Plus, back then, I was never in a position where I literally could NOT go home like I am now. When it was only an hour, and I was living on student loan money, it was easy. But now it’s 4 hours round trip, I work full time and I don’t have Sallie Mae paying for the trip. Makes things much more difficult.

I’ve determined I can go a solid two months without seeing my parents before I start missing them. Considering I’m almost 25, I feel like I should be able to go longer, but I am constantly worried about them. I hate knowing that the older they get, the further the physical distance is between us. They aren’t at the age yet where I should be worried about getting an emergency phone call, but eventually that day will come…. and how long of a drive will it be then?  This… this is what scares me.

Well, on a happier note, I’m going home today. I needed to go home like three weeks ago, but I knew November 5th was a few short weeks away, so I forced myself to last a little longer without seeing my parents this time. (Although, I did see them early October for a wedding, but that isn’t the same as getting to lay around the house together and catch up on the times).

Tomorrow is election day and I haven’t changed my permanent address yet, so I still vote in St. Clair County. (I’ll be a grown up and change my permanent address when I turn 25, since I have to get a new drivers license that day anyway). So I’ve taken the day off in order to go home, vote, and spend a day with my parents. It’s not going to be the most fun filled day ever, my dad is going to do all the regular maintenance for my car for a good chunk of the day, but at least we’ll have some time together. He said it would be fun to hit up the local wine spot in town too, but unless he’s paying I’m really not in any position to do that right now.

I wish I would’ve taken today off too, then I could’ve gone home Friday or Saturday and had a solid amount of time there instead of just 24 hours. But, I need to work and I’m not the type of person to take work off ‘just because’ so, here I am and 5:00pm will be here when it gets here. My Holiday Vacation is 45 days away (which is also the day the world is supposed to end) and I’ll have time to spend with my parents then (hopefully!).

So, 7 hours and 17 minutes and I’m off!