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Nothing to say lately.

Random word post aaaaaaaaand GO!:


Of course I got ‘girl’.

I feel bad for girls, and not just because I am one and I know how hard it can be, but, it’s true! It is hard! I tried to explain this to my boyfriend once but I’m terrible at explaining things and he absolutely didn’t understand, or he did and he didn’t care or disagreed. Either way the conversation did not go as planned, which would have ended with us mutually agreeing with one another that girls have it hard!

And why, why do girls have it hard you ask?

Society. I don’t care if you don’t agree, but society is the reason we wake up early enough each morning to do our hair and makeup, to make sure we look nice, to do our best to throw a smile on, because society has taught us that we have to be pretty and friendly otherwise we wont be liked, and if we aren’t liked, we wont get anywhere in life.

Now, I know that there are plenty of women out there who don’t care about hair, fashion or makeup and they succeed just fine in life, but in my opinion: their lives are even harder. They aren’t as easily liked, they usually wind up shy and reserved because they weren’t given the same attention as girls who dolled up each day.

I’m not saying this is right or wrong and I’m sorry if any of this is offensive in anyway, I’m just trying to be honest about how I feel.  Women who wear makeup and look more “put together” than women with the same body, hair and outfit and no makeup. Those of us who do wear makeup every single day, we have been brainwashed that we look like freaks without it.  Or sick.

Whatever. Girls have a lot of positives too though. Yes, we’re much more emotional, but we’re usually more emotionally healthy than men are. When things happen in our lives, deep down inside we adjust and heal faster than the men do because we’re more familiar with our deep dark emotions. Plus, once we cry it all out, we’re okay. Men who bottle everything up (or women, but more often men) let it sit inside and poison them until they explode.

Girls have more fun. It’s true. Two guys sitting around watching football, yes they’re enjoying themselves, but two girls sitting around watching tv together are having a blast. Seriously. We talk, a lot, it is what we do, and we thoroughly enjoy it.

Girls make events more worthwhile. Imagine, honestly imagine living in a man’s world, with no women. It would be dirty and cold. Or clean and organized, depending on the man, but still cold. Without the warmth and coziness of a woman’s touch, the world would be sad and boring (yes, I know this is coming from a women’s perspective, but men: deep down you know you’d miss the throw pillows and candles).

That’s what you get for my current thoughts on girls.

Enjoy this instead:

and I have to throw out another thank you. I’m getting huge amounts of views even on days I don’t post. I love you guys!