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Dear Life,

My dad is a veteran. He served in the United States Marine Corp and bravely went to Vietnam to drive a tank with his crew. It didn’t matter that the American people didn’t approve of the war, and didn’t support him and the other men who were putting their lives on the line, he went because he was told to, and he’d do anything for The United States of America. He later joined the United States Coast Guard and again followed orders. It was his duty to serve America and later he was given medals for savings lives and in my personal opinion, for just being a damn good man. He retired after 20 some years of his life but he continued to work for the government, first with Immigration, later volunteered with the Army and now, starting today, employed by the Department of Defense.

My dad is the strongest, most genuine and loyal person I’ve ever met.  He has done everything he can for those he loves, those he knows, and those he’s worked for.  The United States Government included.

However, no matter how far he goes or how thin he’s stretched, those who employ him don’t seem to care. I understand the economy is poor and blah blah blah, but please explain to me why now that my dad is retired, but still in need of work, he can’t seem to find a job that pays more than a dollar over minimum wage. He risked his life to save others. He’s overqualified? Oh, okay, yea that makes sense, he has his Ph.D in serving his county and following orders. You’re right… he’s not worth another dollar an hour… ???

Well, today he starts a new job, and it’s for the government again and it still doesn’t pay much, but it pays better than the previous. I just hope he gets the respect he deserves. He’s a nice guy, he too nice most times, but he’s intelligent, hard working and responsible.

Come on Life – give the guy a break, let this be his break. He deserves it. He’s taken all your crap for a long, long time and given out nothing less than what is expected of him. He’s put so many things on the line in order to do what he thought was right. He risked his relationship with his wife to be gone for long periods of time, he risked his relationship with his children when we were too young to understand why he never home. He’s literally put everything on the line because he was doing what was best for himself, his family and his country. Nothing in life is planned, and he made the best decisions he knew how, so please, seriously Life, give him this one.