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Why are people so obsessed with celebrities?

The tag that has gotten me more views in the last month, more views than I’ve ever had, is “Johnny Depp” and “Gilbert Grape”. Since I posted that blog about Edward Scissorhands, and a few other movies, that tag has raised my daily views by like…20. A day. Insane amounts more than usual.

(Okay, the last few days it was ALL Johnny Depp, today it seems to be Gilbert Grape, but either way this is what I’m seeing when I log in)

This used to say things like “Kyle and Sara” “Brain Damage” “sarajanelle blog” “inspiring” “love family” “Red Wings Playoff Beard”

I’m happy, of course, because that means people are coming by, but I can’t help but wonder… why are people searching Johnny Depp so much, and to the point where they’re getting to my page… which has to be on page 98723984623 of Google.

I admit I’ll read the occasional celebrity blog of news page, but not nearly as often as the other people I know, and while watching movies, Kyle and I can’t help but check celebrity wiki pages to see how old they are or how much money they made for different films.

But, why?! Why people why? Why the fascination? I truly don’t understand the appeal. Is it because they’re ‘beautiful’? They sure as heck aren’t that interesting. What part of their off screen live are so damn interesting to us? They didn’t sign up for a reality show but we treat them like they are on one. It’s not fair to them and it doesn’t make sense to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I follow it too, but WHY? I have no idea why.