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In no particular order, there he is!

The bottom one was obviously immediately after it was done, all red and gooey. The others are all from the next day. It looks pretty good in those pictures but it definitely looks better now. I haven’t had a chance to take ‘better’ pictures. It looks ADORABLE when I have my heels on, his little face peaks right over the edge, looking off into the world. I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s the exact right size, shape, location… everything. As far as I know it’s healing well. It is still a little raised but it hasn’t scabbed or started flaking yet. I’m trying not to use “too much” ointment and lotion but that’s hard for me. I want to put it on constantly, but I know better.

I’m really excited for when I can see my friends and family and get to show them.

That’s all. Just a short update. I’ll have more to write another time.