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Let me lay out how serious I was when I posted that previous blog about celebrities and search terms and how they related to my blog. I posted one blog about movies that included johnny depp and edward scissorhands and whats eating gilbert grape.

in my ALL TIME searches… so approximately three year or so…

the TOP search term that has brought someone to my blog is :

“whats eating gilbert grape”    =     a whopping 222 times that has been searched and brought the searcher to my blog.

the NEXT thing down is:

Edward Scissorhands with 27 times

and THEN boston terrier with 23 times and after that every single search term that applies to me and my blog is less than 10.

Now, again, I’m happy to have people stopping by but it’s just strange to me that this is how they get here. needless to say I’m NOT tagging this blog with those tags.