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The human body is a wonderful, amazing and terrifying thing.

I don’t have any real knowledge or education on the human body, other than basic, general information, but I’ve always been highly interested in the inner workings, the small details and the things it can do that is practically magical.

The fact that a brain can reroute itself when it’s damaged to use another location in the brain to follow through with its processes that normally take place in the damaged location…. that’s amazing. It works completely on it’s own, it’s not something we can control. That’s just one example of it’s wonder.

The fact that nerves run through your body and give you the ability to feel, but in reality you’re only feeling what your brain tells you to feel because it is aware of the nerve endings and pressure points, and for that matter, phantom feelings…! When a person loses a hand or leg and can still feel their fingers or feet on the limb that no longer exists, all because the nerve endings still exist in other parts of the body that were attached to the nerves in those locations that no longer exist. It’s truly fascinating to me.

Obviously a neurologist or other highly trained, or even just slightly trained individual who understand the human body on a level much higher than my own might laugh at my deep interest, but I am who I am and this is one of those things I think about.

Another thing that amazes me is the whole ordeal behind getting sick. Even just a cold, our bodies are amazing, intricately detailed machines that, in most cases, run a million processes at once, constantly working, while we just stand by and let it do it’s thing.  Besides feeding it and keeping it hydrated, it does all the work for us. It tells us when we need sleep, it keeps itself internally clean, and it has an army of soldiers to fight off foreign threats inside. However, it can be damaged, it can be temporarily shut down, injured. Tiny, itty bitty, invisible to the human eye viruses can get in, without us knowing, and just reek havoc on our lives. These teensy weensy things can bring down our entire process.  Knock us out and leave us with exhaustion, runny noses, sore throats, and make us feel like death. It’s crazy to me how our super intelligently bodies can hold up against so many thing, but fall apart at a few germs or icky cells.

I’m currently in a war against some icky cells now. It hasn’t hit me too hard, not yet at least, and I’m making sure my body has plenty of time and energy to fight the war against whatever is inside of me, trying to beat me down. I’m exhausted. I’ve done nothing but eat and sleep since I started feeling it attack my body. I’ve been struck down with a runny nose and bloodshot eyes, but the rest of me is still strong. I’ll go home tonight and try to immediately go back to bed again, giving my body full reign over the battle at hand.