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I get home from work last night Kyle was already making dinner. Grilled cheese with a side of soup, tomato for him, potato for me. We decided it was going to be a low key night, watch UP on tv and just relax together. I’ve been feeling a little sick and exhausted all week so after work I hadn’t been spending any time doing much of anything, so we were both looking forward to the quiet evening together.

Twenty five minutes before the movie started, we were picking up around the house and Kyle told me to pick out lights for the wreath we hadn’t had time to put on the front door yet. I started to pull some out as he started saying how nice it would be to have a real wreath, since we didn’t have a real Christmas tree. The next thing I know we’re in the car on the way to Horrocks Farm Market where he said he saw a beautiful wreath earlier in the week.

In order to get to the wreaths, you must first walk through a selection of real Christmas trees. We were shocked by the price of them, only $25 for a 6ft tree. Kyle immediately started talking about how great it would be if we could get one… the warm pine smell, how much nicer it looks than our fake one, getting to have a tree that is “ours”. He was so excited about it he was even making me excited, and I couldn’t deny how much more beautiful these trees were compared to our old crappy one at home. So I agreed.

We were on our way out the door when I thought to run back and see how much the tree stands costs… it turns out they were as much as the tree, and doubling the price made it a lot harder for us to be excited. So, we decided to go check out the cheaper tree stands at Meijer and see what we could figure out.

Once we got to Meijer we went back and forth for a long while. Should we? Shouldn’t we? Is it worth the money and time spent when we already have a tree? Next year our income will be 2-3 times more than is now, two paychecks instead of one, should we just wait and go all out next year?

In the end we decided to do it. Whats the harm? It’s not that expensive, and even decided to buy more ornaments and lights for it too, declaring it our anniversary gifts to each other.  (Our three year anniversary is in 18 days).

We went back to Horrocks, picked our tree, got it home, put it up and decorated it. We watched a Christmas movie while we decorated and sang Christmas music to each other. We got sticky with sap, stepped on pine needles, and made a pretty big mess. But in the end it was all worth it. Our living room looks Christmas GORGEOUS. Kyle and I can’t help but feel genuinely joyous when we see it.

In this picture it’s not complete. We obviously hadn’t put the star on yet, or finished with the ornaments or the tree skirt. The presents are patiently waiting on the couch to be set nicely in their places. But, its our happy tree. Our anniversary gift to each other. A physical representation of our joyful life together ❤