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Michigan is known for being weird when it comes to weather. There is always that one phase I hear every year “only in Michigan can you get frostbite and a sunburn in the same week!” It’s true though, it really is. In the last consecutive seven days we’ve seen snowflakes and temps down in the thirties and rain with temps sitting just about 60. Granted, this is a shockingly warm December (as was November) but we really shouldn’t be too surprised, this is Michigan and all. Two years ago Kyle and I went to the zoo on my birthday, it was 55 degrees and completely unheard of for February, but lately we can practically call the the norm.

I’m not a fan of the cold. I hate the snow, the bitter wind, dry skin, chapped face, slippery roads, shivers, teeth chattering… okay. I have to stop before I have nightmares tonight. I hate all of that. It is beautiful to look at, especially when it’s fresh, but the beauty doesn’t last and it turns to gray and brown mush. It slowly becomes miserable. Usually by January and February everyone is depressed and worthless.

I was ten or so when someone told me I had seasonal affective disorder, which just kind of made me think “doesn’t everyone?”  Apparently it’s quite common, but there are plenty of people in the world, and in the bitter cold mid-west United States, that don’t mind the cold, the gray skies, the dirty mush. But for those of us who do have this “disorder” (which I still think is a little silly, but I get it, I have it, I know it, whatever) it really just brings you down. The “symptoms” are the same each year. It’s dark, it’s cloudy, there isn’t much sunshine. It brings you down. It makes you sleepy and irritable. You start realizing you aren’t finding pure and simple joy as easily as you can in the summer and spring. I’m the type of person that smiles all day, literally, all day long when its sunny. Even in the winter, when there is a suddenly bright and sunny day, I can’t control my happiness. But days like today, the 5th or 6th day in a row of dark, gray skies… I hate today. I hate today for no reason other than the lack of bright blue skies and a warm happy sun. Yea, the sun may creep out here and there, but no one can say this is the same as a sunny day.

I think it’s time to buy some vitamin D pills. Apparently they’re a lifesaver for people like me.

Anyway, I spend days like today looking forward to rushing home, because the best thing on blah days, is good conversation with the one you love, and thankfully I have that to look forward to everyday.

Until next time…