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Kyle and I had a short conversation last night about our feelings towards the following; and after much thought I’ve decided that the only difference between laziness and procrastination is how much you care about the end result.

Laziness is not caring. Knowing you should do something but honestly not caring if you get it done or not, even if it needs to be done. You may eventually do it, but even then you don’t care if it’s done well.

Procrastination is avoiding doing something, or waiting until the last minute to do something, but eventually getting it done and making sure you do it well once you start in on it. You may be procrastinating because you care A LOT and are worried about the end result, or you may only care a little but are responsible for the end result and even though you don’t want to take care of it, you care how it turns out.

The two are actually kind of difficult to differentiate between unless you pull in an outer aspect and add it in. Like the concept of ‘caring’.

In really random other news:

Ketchup does NOT belong at breakfast. Ever. I don’t care what part of the country you’re from.  If you have to put ketchup on potatoes and eggs then you don’t actually like potatoes and eggs. Ketchup is meant for lunch and dinner and syrup can be used on pancakes and sometimes sausage but nothing belongs on eggs and potatoes except maybe some seasoning if you’d like.

With that said: I’m really craving some eggs.