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I wont be able to get to wordpress this weekend, so, quick pretend it’s Sunday:

It is our three year anniversary!

I could ramble on about how much I love him, but I do that all the time, I think everyone gets it. Kyle can practically do a perfect imitation of my “I love you” speeches. I’m regularly overwhelmed by my feelings for him and how happy I am to have him and my life with him, I am quite regularly spouting it out. So instead, this year I’ll do a series of photos, because I LOVE photos almost as much as I love him.

Our first date:firstdate

Our one year anniversary:1year

Our two year anniversary: I got my second necklace from him πŸ™‚2 years necklace2years

And, a few pictures of the previous year:

Surprise 25th Birthday for Kyle:birthday

Followed by the best seats in the house for the Red Wings:


Kyle’s Graduation: Β  graduation



Date Nights:datenights

And Halloween:


I’m going to go ahead and say BEST YEAR EVER. Every year we’ve spent together has been better, and better, and better. I can’t wait for the following year and how ever many lucky years we get after that.Β  He’s amazing, he makes me happy, he makes me the best person I can be. I love every second spent with him.

Thanks for another great year babe, I couldn’t be a luckier, happy girl πŸ™‚