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There are a few things I stray away from talking about on my blog, simply because they’re either personal, private, or include other people’s views and opinions (and I feel like it’s not my right to discuss how other people feel on my blog, because how can I really be sure that’s how they feel?) I never want to offend anyone, and I’d never want to upset someone I know and love.

And then there are days I find myself really wanting to talk about something but I don’t, because I’m not sure how it would be taken by the people around me. Again, I’d never want to hurt, offend, or upset these people, so I just keep it all to myself. My boyfriend reads this blog, my closest friends, my family members and probably some of my coworkers.

I also stray away from talking about politics, religion, government policies, work things, and things that are going on in the news. It’s not that I don’t have my own thoughts and opinions towards the things that are going on, I just know that every one’s opinions are already plastered all over the place, and everyone feels their own way, no point in throwing mine out into the mix. Kyle said once that discussing politics is pointless because no one is going to change their opinion after hearing yours, and trying to change someone’s mind is like trying to convince a cucumber it’s a carrot. It’s just not possible. In most cases a persons views are embedded deep with them. You telling me your pro-life or against guns or whatever random thing you are, isn’t going to magically make my own opinions change. “Oh my gosh! you feel such-and-such way about that?? Suddenly I DO TOO! Yay lets be best friends”! No. that doesn’t happen.

Everything I just posted in today’s blog is pretty much how I am in real life too, with verbally spoken words. I avoid confrontation. I prefer not to offend anyone. I am sarcastic and snarky sometimes, but I’d never intentionally say something to hurt your feelings in any way, and when people say things to me in a hurtful manner, depending on who they are an the situation that took place, I either forgive and forget the words, or I just forget the person. I don’t believe in censored friendships, so if I can’t be myself with you, then I won’t take my time to be apart of your life. It’s simple really, and it’s lead me to a really amazing, happy and fulfilling life so far.

Remove the bad and enjoy the good.

There is a lot of good in my life.