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It’s a new year. I should probably start planning to cross something off my bucket list.

  • The road trip through the North East original colonies with my good friend from college, Andrea, that we have been planning for what feels like forever?
  • Taking Kyle to see the Pacific ocean?
  • Zip-lining? (Apparently this one is quite realistic, the hobby is popping up all over the place with places to go making it more and more affordable).
  • Finally buying my Boston Terrier (this one is most realistic because I just can’t wait any longer!).
  • Or! I got it! I’ll finally buy the 150cc Scooter I’ve always wanted! I just did some craigslisting and it looks like there is plenty around at great prices. Hmmmmm….

But seriously, lets talk about the things I successfully completed from my bucked list in 2012:

  • I got my meaningful tattoo.
  • I rode an elephant. It was short and crowded, but it was my first time! I’m looking forward to more detailed excursions in the future.
  • I visited another large city on my list of big cities: Nashville!

And from 2011:

  • I saw Death Cab for Cutie in concert (and am patiently waiting for them to come to town again)!
  • I visited Indianapolis for the first time, one of my big cities on my to-visit list.

Both lists are short, but they’ll get longer as the years pass and I have more money and time to experience each item, and the list will continue to grow as well.

My current goals for 2013 (goals and resolutions are not the same):

  1. Pay off my smallest student loan (I only have $1030 left on the balance!!)
  2. Write at least 5 times a week. (The only way I can improve is if I force myself to practice.
  3. Ready 30 books! (Every year I up my goal by five books. Last year I successfully read 26 when my goal was 25. The year before I only read 19 when my goal was 20… so I made up for it last year I guess. This year I have no doubt I’ll succeed again.

My goals are nerdy. Over it…. So c’mon people, make a list and get started!