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I can’t explain why I think or feel this way… but I really, genuinely feel like 2013 is going to a GREAT year. I can just feel it. I’m excited to experience it… I just know it’ll be successful!

I’ve woken up each morning this year, a whopping week into it, with a smile. I have more energy, more money and more reasons to be happy than I’ve had before. I’m definitely out of my rut (and I still haven’t started running… fail!) Work has been busy, which always makes me happy, and I’ve been eating right, drinking more water and cooking everything from scratch at home. My friends are shining even brighter in my life and everyday I’m reminded how lucky I am to have them. Kyle and I are more solid with each passing day. The future looks bright, 2013 feels wonderful thus far and I don’t believe in jinxing so I’m going to shout it out without fear. I’m happy and I’m embracing it.

I’m not the only one who has said this. I know a lot of people who feel like 2013 is their big year. Everyone is agreeing that they just feel good right now. I hope this lasts all year!

January has taken me by storm. It came so fast, I feel like Christmas never even happened. I feel like it was still summer just yesterday, but then again, time flies when you’re having fun.

Bring it on tomorrow. Bring it on next week. Bring it on 25th birthday next month. Every year I strive for the best. This year is no different. I can’t wait for each day of 2013!

woooo sorry for the annoying over-positivity today!