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As I mentioned before: back in October I took my first fitness class since college, and it was awesome getting back into it. In college, I did pilates for two years but then took a fitness class hiatus for 5 years before jumping back into it in the fall. The fall class I took was a yoga-pilates combination class and I really enjoyed it, however after the first few classes I found it was really too easy for me. It was only 45 minutes and once a week and even though I was feeling the burn, it wasn’t enough of a challenge.

This quarter (the classes I’m taking now take place quarterly) I’ll be taking a full force yoga, for an hour and a half, harder class and twice as long. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I do yoga at home from time to time, but I am terrible at working out at home. Really terrible. I get distracted and find other things to do long before I’ve broken out in sweat. I’ll end up barely participating for only ten minutes and then I’ll be bored and done. I love the classes though. I am excited to get to them, they keep my motivated and I feel great all week knowing I’m getting a solid work out.

I’m for the most part, pretty thin already, but keeping my shape is important to me. I did notice a change in my body during the last quarter, but I’m hoping for even more moving forward with the yoga. Always striving for a better me!

Lansing area friends: get a hold of me for more details if you’re interested! I’m super excited for the class to start again. Bring it on!