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Blogging is an interesting thing. Putting your life out there, even if it’s only parts of your life, or just your interests or opinions, or even just your words without reference to who you are, you’re still putting a part of yourself out there.

Those who write blogs understand the potential situations of having your words out there in public. Comments can be kind or they can be harsh. People can love your blog or hate it. Some people never get their blog out there far enough to have any viewers, while others find themselves buried in the traffic of their page. You have to be careful that you aren’t offending anyone who exists in your real life: your significant other, your friends, family, or coworkers.

Those who read blogs know that finding one you enjoy is hit or miss. You read a few here, a few there; you don’t follow them because they didn’t grab your attention. Sometimes you find one you think you’ll like, you follow it, and within days you’re un-following and running away, fast. Other times you come across one that sings to you, it’s interesting or inspiring. You read more and more, and you find yourself passing through years of a person’s life in a matter of a few hours, sitting at your laptop on your living room floor.

There are two blogs that I have read entirely, two blogs that swept me off my feet and made me feel like I was really in the writer’s life. Two women who’ve made me wish I could meet them in real life, even though I’d end up standing there, star struck, embarrassed and fumbling for words.

The first was “Jessicass”. I came across her blog when I was much younger… I guess it was around 2007 and I read her blog religiously until she stopped blogging last year. In the five years I followed her, I feel like I experienced some of her life with her. She graduated from college, finally caught her long time crush, married him and had a beautiful daughter. Jessica wrote in a way that you couldn’t help but be consumed by. She told her life story, day to day. Her readers really got to know her, on a genuine, personal level. She later quit blogging due to a harsh comment on her page that bothered her so much she gave up writing. It’s weird to say this, but it’s honest: I miss her. I’ve never met her, but I miss her daily words, her humor, and her take on life.

The second is more recent: Prescott Reynolds. To be completely honest at first I couldn’t stop reading because I was genuinely interested, then later I was completely appalled, but I continued and found that I really liked this girl. She was real. She is the most confident, honest, and brave person I’ve ever “known”. There are aspects of her life I wish I could incorporate into my own, and then of course there are those that I would never incorporate into my life… those of you who’ve read her page, and also read mine, then you know what I mean. We’re very different people. However, I’m fascinated. She updates pretty regularly, and writes an advice column. You can check her out here.

So, when I saw a new friend of mine on Saturday and she confessed to me that she read this blog, this entire blog, I was thrilled. I’d never met someone who was excited about it before. She was embarrassed, and said she felt creepy for knowing that I used to work for a dentist, that I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years and that I have brain damage, but I assured her it’s normal. I was strangely honored. I felt like I had my own little taste of fame…. no seriously. I’m incredibly vain. I was a bit in shock. I know there are people who read an entry here or there, but it was exciting to think about all the people who’ve read this who haven’t walked up and told me about it.

I’ve said many times, I started this blog to write about life lessons, inspirational notes, and motivational pieces about making your own happiness. But through the years it’s turned into a random piece here or there that is well written, and mostly a lot of rambling. In an attempt to improve my writing by blogging, I think I’ve just gotten lazier.  Knowing that someone else read this and discovered some inspiration within in, makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I passed on a piece of myself, in a strange way, to someone else. This makes me incredibly happy. I’ll be holding on to that feeling for awhile.

I write here for a reason. All bloggers write for some reason. Never be embarrassed that you can’t stop reading, it’s the greatest compliment a writer can receive.