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I have solid groups of friends in my life.

Friends are funny because some you lose touch with, and some you stop being close with due to differences in the people you’ve grown to be. Others you never lose touch with, some you forget, and a few you miss terribly. I truly believe that statement about how people come into your life for different reasons, some to stay, some just to stop by, and that everyone has a purpose. Everyone brings something into your life.

I am only friends with one person from high school anymore (and she’s my best friend, my soul sister, my Andrea Jean), and I guess I have a handful of people who’ve gone from “best friends” to “high school friends” and eventually became acquaintances.  I still care about a bunch of them, and keep in touch via facebook, but they aren’t the types of friends that I reach out to or contact when I come to town. I genuinely wish them the best, but I’m not that interested in making direct contact any longer.

And then I have friends that I never, ever see. We don’t keep in touch and we don’t often make plans to see each other, but then when the opportunity comes up and we DO spend time together, it’s like we were never apart in the first place. I love these friendships. Our relationships aren’t complex or complicated. They’re relaxed and true. They’re mostly my friends from college that are still in Flint or have moved off on their own way.

To be honest, I have very few friends that I actually keep in contact with on a day to day basis, there are a couple, but it’s not common for me.

I have friends of friends, that I get along with really well, even though there isn’t a direct line between the two of us that link. These friends also mean a lot to me, they’re a beacon of light in a vast existence. Their presence is always unexpected and a very happy surprise. I doubt some of them even realize who they are or how much I really do enjoy seeing them.  Some of them are starting to develop a link to me directly, creeping into the friend zone instead of the friends of friends zone.

I consider myself lucky. I don’t have dozens and dozens of friends, but the ones I have are the best. They’re amazing and they love me unconditionally. They know deep down Sara, they know serious Sara and goofy Sara. They’re the people I depend on to always be there. They’re spread around, some further away than others, the majority too far away to see at a moments notice, but they’re always there. I am a big believer in quality over quantity and the friends I have in my life have been around for along time (with the except of a few new ones!) and I know that in the sense of quality… they’re the best.

This ones for all of you. You know who you are, and thank you for being a part of my life. I think about you all regularly, even the ones I never see or rarely hear from. I care about each and every one of you and I am thrilled you were brought into my life, by whatever cause, for whatever reason.

It’s strange to me that you’re all in different parts of my life, and the parts of my life rarely intertwine. I have Port Huron friends, Flint friends, Lansing friends and Far Away friends.  I have friends through Kyle that have become my own, some from Swartz Creek and others from MSU. I have work friends and college friends and people I’ve met along the way. Life works in strange and interesting ways, but life is better knowing I have you in it, even though I forget sometimes.

Maybe I’m feeling sentimental. It doesn’t matter, it’s important to me that you all know how I feel. So here it is. 🙂