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The Red Wings are back in action tonight! We’re celebrating with a Red Wing themed drinking game. We found a few online, but decided to make our own instead.

One Drink:

  • everything they mention the lock out
  • cut to Babcock’s face
  • Faceoff
  • Whistle
  • Mickey complains about a ref

Two drinks:

  • A mention of Zetterburg being a “new captain”
  • A mention of “Lidstrom”
  • The word “Datsyukian”
  • The expression “Holy Jumping”
  • For every broken stick
  • for every power play
  • for every penalty kill

Take a shot:

  • Red Wings Goal
  • Octopus on the ice


  • Bettman Rules – take five drinks
  • Kronwalling – Chug Drink
  • Fight – Drink until the fight ends.

We’re decked out in our jerseys and gear, beef stew is in the crock pot and some peanut butter cookies are fresh out of the oven. Have a couple of friends coming over, it should be a good time.


[edit] it was a good time. I typed this last night but it didn’t post. The game was awful but the drinking game was fun. I recommend it! I joined a fantasy league this time around, my first time ever. After the first game yesterday I was up 6-1. By the end of the night I was down 1-8. I’m obsessive about tracking things so I’m not sure this is going to be healthy for me. 🙂