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Back in October I started my first yoga class since college, which was technically a yoga-pilates combination class. It was for beginners and for the most part I really enjoyed it. By the end of it though I began growing quite bored and wished it was more challenging.

I started doing yoga at home. I have an app on my phone that has beginner and intermediate routines, and you can choose either 20, 40 or 60 minutes. I started at level 1, twenty minutes, and worked my way up.

When I was in the yoga-pilates class, I could feel a good workout happening, but I didn’t really notice any changes with my body.

When I did one month with my yoga app, working my way up through the routines, which I was doing about 3 times a week, I lost 13 pounds and my stomach shrunk down to size tiny. I had forgotten I could even be that tiny. I feel like a teenager again.

Even though I knew I could lose a few pounds, I definitely wasn’t at a place where I thought I needed to lose 13. But, I’m still healthy and happy and satisfied. I haven’t changed my diet, I’ve only added the yoga. I’m still eating everything I usually eat. I had no idea that yoga would change my body this much, in such a great, positive way. I’m so much more comfortable now. I’m sleeping better. I’m waking up more energized. I’m less tense, more relaxed. I’m a little bit in love with yoga. I can’t wait to get home and start my workout.

Last night I started my new yoga class. I opted against the class I took last time and went for straight up yoga. The class is twice as long and I was assuming it would be more challenging. I had three months of practice under my belt and I was ready to go in there and kick butt. Now, granted, I know this was the first class, and things need to start slowly for those who aren’t as experienced as I am (I had no idea I was considered experienced after three months) but it was sllowwwww. She didn’t cover any of the things that I consider most important (keeping your core engaged) and only went through the poses. I was bothered by the fact that she said she’d been teaching this class for twenty years and yet she still had to reference the book to explain how to do the poses, and she failed to explain important aspects like keeping your spine aligned, keeping your knee over your ankle in bent leg poses, and saving your lower back by pressing it to the floor while laying down in certain positions. I just felt like she was considering this a  ‘blow off’ yoga class for the students instead of a serious workout.

To be honest I had no idea I even knew this much about yoga. I read a few books along with doing the actual routines, I guess I just picked up on it quickly. Maybe I should teach my own class.


Anyway, here’s hoping that the class yesterday was truly just an intro class and next week she’s going to pull out the big guns and really work us. I just hate the thought of spending that much money on a class that isn’t as good as the free one in my living room.

Seriously though if you are looking for a new hobby, I highly recommend yoga. I never did start running because my yoga routine ended up taking care of all everything I needed. My problem areas are now strong and lean. I feel healthy, thin and sexy.  I love the way I feel now physically and mentally, and I have yoga to thank for that.