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I am exhausted.
It’s my birth-month. Yay! Month long birthday celebration of Sara Month begins today.
Kidding, kidding (not really though. For those of you who know me I’m actually kind of like that). However, out of love for my extremely busy man, I’ve knocked down the parties and events down to one weekend instead of all four this year.



My car insurance went down. Turns out that’s not a myth.
One of my favorite bloggers just recently wrote an entry about the things she wish she’d known at twenty-five, and the first thing was that “you think you look good now, just wait, you get even hotter within the next few years”. Hahaha thanks, I’ll look forward to that, dear.
My mother said to me yesterday: “You’re going to be how old?! Geez Sara, stop growing up!!”

Speaking of growing up. I like being an adult much more than I ever liked being a teenager or a college student. Being where I am now suits me. I like the routine, I like the fact that I know how much money I have and how much I can spend (even though it might not be a lot), I like being in the same few places everyday, every week. I don’t mind if there are general location changes, even very big location changes, but I adore the routine. I can’t help it. I’m not boring. I’m still spontaneous, but I’m definitely in an adult frame of mind and I have been for awhile. Even with that said, I am excited for changes, for progression, for steps moving forward. Any type of movement in a positive direction thrills and excites me. I love the changes. I like rerouting certain aspect of my routine. Keeping it fresh and lively.

Ahh life, bring it on. 2013 will hold many more changes than just my age. I am sure of it.

As for 2/1/13: Woke up. Paid Rent, TV and Internet. Work (currently working). Relax. See friends and boyfriend. Sleep (hopefully for a very, very long time. I’m in desperate need). As for the weekend, I’m just hoping to relax.