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I’m craving furniture restoration project. I wish so much that I had more room! I have no place for sanding and painting. My etsy wish list is full of cabinet drawer knobs and drawer liners and other random accessories for furniture. So much inspiration and no where to use it!


How fun is that top!?

I finally am at the point in my life when I can actually afford to buy the pieces to restore, to buy the pretty accents, and even the better paint… I’m financially prepared to tackle a huge project… with no space to play!


I’m all about a good stencil project.

When we moved to the apartment we lived in now, I specifically requested a 1st floor apartment, with a patio. The patio space is around 10×10 square feet, a great amount of space and fresh air to work, not to mention rent is $15 cheaper a month down there. I was excited for this potential work space, but then when it came time to move in, we found out the first floor unit wasn’t available yet and the only apartment that was available was the second floor apartment with the balcony, which we now live in.  Our apartment is great, but that large patio would’ve come in handy.

Granted, it’s really too cold to be working on furniture right now anyway, I need a garage or some sort of studio work space. Neither of which are possible in any way.  So for now, I can just daydream and imagine future projects, jotting down all my ideas and patiently waiting for warmer weather.

Just another thing to add to my “2013 is amazing” list. More projects!