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Housewifery is seriously my favorite word right now. I know it’s not a real word, but I love it just the same.

For a while now, I have been cooking 99% of all the dinners at my house from scratch. It started off a little here and there, and living across the street from Horrock’s made it easy, but then for Christmas I was showered with kitchen gadgets and appliances and I’ve gotten a little obsessed with it. I started just browsing the internet for any recipes that sound good, but as time goes on I find myself spending more and more time on skinnytaste.com. Check it out if you’re all about healthy cooking!

I’ve tried and enjoyed a lot of their super healthy desserts too, brownies, cookies, cakes, those types of things. They’re really quite good and since I cook with splenda and never sugar, the calorie count just gets slashed over and over again.

I’m actually kind of obsessed with cooking and baking right now. (okay, by right now I mean the last five years of my life or so, but much much much more in the last two years). I even had a cooking blog for awhile on tumblr, but I lost track of it after a few posts. I hated having to stop and take a picture of every step. Annoying! I’ll consider doing it again though, on wordpress, because every time I go look at that blog I find myself incredibly impressed with it.

If I had more money to spend, I feel like I’d happily be spending it on groceries. The more ingredients I can buy, the fancier my meals become. I hate the thought of spending money on something I can’t keep, but I love how it makes me feel when I can create these delicious things.

If I was rich, I’d open a small cafe.  Some place cute, with espresso and steamed milk, a few comfy chairs, a few bookshelves. There’d be baked goods and a small menu with lunchy meals and just a really comfortable vibe.  Granted, you have to live in the right area for that type of thing to succeed. But… I’d be rich already so whatever. 😉