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I work for a mortgage company that owns the homes it sells. We have an inventory of properties and we offer financing to anyone who wants to buy them from us.

We have A LOT of lake houses.

Granted, these lake houses, most of them are in rough shape. Very, very rough shape. There is not one that is not advertised as a “fixer-upper”.  We recently sold a small lake house to a customer that reminded me of myself. She was my age, unmarried, rented an apartment to live in, had a common job and made about the same I do. She bought a 2 bedroom lake house and it was very, very much a fixer-upper. It needed a lot of work. But with that said, she got it for $8,000.  Her loan was short, her payments very affordable. Obviously she’d need to put work into the lake house, but I couldn’t but think how much I’d like to do that, too.

Imagine spending the weekends driving up to the lake, bringing whatever supplies you’d need to tackle a portion of the house that trip. Replace windows one weekend, the sink another. It wouldn’t be glamorous living in the meantime, but the house wasn’t completely unlivable to begin with. Throw a cot in one room, enjoy the lake, and put the work into as you feel like it. Make your payments and in a few years it’s yours. Once it’s fixed up and nice, no matter how long it takes, it’s your very own nice lake house that you can have forever; or you can sell it for a major profit later in life.

I’d rather keep mine. Build it up to the way I like it. My mom has flipped a house or two in her day so I actually have the experienced man power to get this done. Not to mention my boyfriend’s family who built their house from the ground up, but this is just a fantasy for now. I think I’d rather enjoy doing a lot of it myself too.  If I’m in Michigan for a few more years,  I think this is something that will end up on a 5 year plan someday. Owning a lake house is already on my bucket list… no reason why I can’t buy cheap and do some of the work myself.

🙂 Just dreaming over here today. Just dreaming.

I can see it in my mind. 1000 square foot, 2 bedroom, living room, 1 bathroom, square kitchen. Doesn’t have to be big, it’s just a getaway. A screened in porch facing out to the water would be perfect. A couple chairs in the grass, a picnic table nearby. Later in life I’d add a jacuzzi to the back porch for autumn nights and wintery weekends. A thick cozy rug over hardwood floors with simple, comfortable furniture. A small wine cabinet in the kitchen, colorful accents through the house, a window with the view of the sunset.  Ahhh. Dreaming.