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It’s finally the week of DC, oh, how glorious it shall be.

All month long the predicted weather forecast in DC for the days we’ll be there was set in the upper 50’s and is now looking like its going to be a bit cooler. Thur: 44, Fri: 47, Sat: 50, Sun: 52; a little bit chillier than we were hoping or expecting, but that’s okay. One extra layer won’t kill us. 😀

The weather lately is just beating me down. I got through the majority of this winter because I had an awesome deal on a tanning package, but now that it’s over, and has been for about a month, I’m back to feeling like a zombie every single day. I wake up and since Kyle is already gone for work, I have no reason to get out of bed. I lay there til the last possible moment, and then get into work later than I like, but lucky for me I don’t have a set time to be here, so I’m never considered “late”.  I drive to work with a straight face, barely hearing the radio or noticing anything going on around me.

I sit at work all day just patiently waiting to go home. When I’m in a better mood, I listen intently to the radio show in the morning, laughing when they laugh, getting into the music when it’s on. I come to work and chat merrily with coworkers, complimenting on their shoes or talking about our weekend.

After work, I find peace in having Kyle around. We talk about how we’re feeling the same, just with different causes, and he reminds me my life is wonderful. Except, my mood has nothing to do with the state of my life, its simply just a reaction to constant gray skies.

He reminds me of all the great things we’ll do once it’s warm and sunny again and it gives me something to look forward to. He tells me to live in the now, be happy with each day. I smile inside because this is the same thing I tell him when he feels like crap. We’re one in the same. ❤

But, my mini vacation is in two days, and even though it’ll be cold, it’s supposed to be sunny. And spending some time away from my life, having that change of scenery, and having such a good friend by my side, I’m sure it’ll be a big help in getting me out of my funk. Our hotel is gorgeous and modern. Our plans are shaping up nicely and it’ll be a wonderful trip, you can’t plan the weather so there’s no use keeping my fingers crossed for warmer temperatures, but like I said before, an extra layer won’t kill me.