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I, once again, have quite the long list of drafts worked up, but I can’t seem to find 10 minutes in my day to actually write anything of substance. Life has been wild lately!

A few weeks ago I took over more responsibilities at work causing my work load to double (or even maybe more than double, I’m not sure), either way, I definitely don’t have three seconds during the day to catch my breath, let alone write up a blog post. Everyday I barely keep up with the amount of files I have to get through at my desk and each morning I arrive with a whole new pile to get through. Yes, I am a little exhausted, but I’m also happy that I am so busy I don’t have time to look at the clock, and my days fly by successfully.

I’ve been staying busy with friends, family and Kyle as well. Kyle and I can’t help but laugh about the fact that still, after three years, we live together and barely find time for a date or even dinner without having to be doing something else at the same time. Now that his internship is winding down we’ve been making more plans, which makes us both happy.

I’m only two months away from my two year anniversary with my job, which shocks me to the core. I can’t believe this much time has passed here, and how far I’ve come within the company. Which means almost two years ago Kyle and I almost got a dog, and now we [probably] finally ARE getting one, in just four and a half months!

Also, in four and a half months, we’ll  be at the point where our decisions have already been made about the near future. Kyle has been applying to jobs in many areas, some local and some not, and by then we’ll know exactly what the plan is. No matter what route we take, it’ll be an adventure, a new chapter, and a step forward. We’re looking forward to it.

The new few months are months of great change and progress, just as I said 2013 would be…!