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“When” I win the lottery, I will spend all the leftover money, after taxes and paying off debt for myself and my loved ones, I’ll spend the rest traveling. I’ll probably live in different places and move often. I’ll spend a lot of time taking my friends and family on vacations. Spoiling all my favorite people with things they’ve always wanted but couldn’t ever have. I’d make sure everyone was stable in their lives and have everything they’d need. I’d dabble in different professions, I’d be a park ranger and a yoga instructor. I’d open restaurants and art studios and wine bars.

I’ve always said I don’t need fancy things, I’d rather have experiences. I want to see everything. I want to eat at local establishments and taste different types of food. I want to create memories. I want to check off every single thing on my bucket list, and continue adding to it.

Maybe I will start buying a ticket a week.

I’ve always said I never would. Waste of money. Literally paying for a tiny sheet of paper you almost immediately throw a way. WASTE.

But even if you’re meant to win, you never can if you don’t buy the ticket.

I doubt I ever will actually purchase one though. Not realistic. Not worth the buck I’ll lose.

I have bigger things to spend my dollar bill on. I have DEBT that needs to DIE. Oh how rich I’d be if the student loans weren’t stuck with me. One day at a time. Every paycheck I pay my bills and them dump all the rest to my loans. I rarely have enough for fun, or clothes, or even food, because I have made my debt my priority, which I feel like most people don’t do anymore. I was raised to be financially responsibly, and if I’m nothing else in this life, I’ve damn good at keeping my budget controlled and my bills paid.

I have a solid order of which what things will be paid off and approximate dates for when the payoff will occur. I hate it but I’m awesome at taking care of business.

Definitely more fun to think about winning the lottery though…