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I wrote Kyle a note this morning that said something along the lines of “Each and every day we, as people, have to make decisions. Hard ones and easy ones. The one thing I can always count on to stay the same, is the easiest decision I make each day, and that is to love you. It’s the best decision I ever made and I’ll never doubt it <3”

I don’t know if he’ll read it. I tend to write a lot of notes, some he sees and some he doesn’t. That’s typical in our life where there is paper everywhere, and it’s hard to differentiate the notes that matter and the ones that don’t.

This note, however, isn’t one that matters. We already know we love each other, the note is just there because he was asleep and smiling, I’m overwhelmed with emotion in the mornings, and it led to a note.

In third grade we did a project, and it’s one of those random childhood memories that stuck in my mind for all these years. We sat as a class and our teacher explained to us what a “decision” is. She explained that every single thing we do, literally, every single thing, is something we have to decide to do. Everything is a mental process, except those things that happen naturally. Like breathing.

But every morning you wake up, either by alarm, naturally, or by random cause, and whether we get out of bed is a decision. Whether we walk straight to the bathroom or to the kitchen is a decision. Whether we eat breakfast or skip it, it’s a decision.

Obviously these examples are all very basic, habitual, un-thought-worthy decisions.

I don’t think I need to explain what more thought worthy decisions are. Making large purchases, choosing a job, entertainment options, dinner choices, which friends to see when you’re double booked, what type of lifestyle you want and how hard you’re willing to get it. These things, and other things comparable are the types of decisions you make that you have to put more thought into.

I’ve been overall pretty blessed with the place my decisions in life has brought me to. I have 50+ solid more years of decision making ahead of me, some huge, most minor. As do the rest of us. I laid in bed last night thinking about decisions I could be making now, but regularly decide to maintain, instead of change. I often wonder how other peoples decisions are effecting my own life and the decisions I so often have to make.

There are about a million other paths I could’ve taken. There are a million changes I could make right now, if I chose to. I could pack my bags and move away to start fresh. I could quit my job and start all over. I could go back to school. But I don’t.  I’m super excited for all the decisions I’ll be making in the following months in regards to the next chapter of my life with Kyle, after he decides where he will follow his career to. But as of now things are simple and happy. Why would I want anything else?

People: Choose Happiness. Every time. It’s your choice. Embrace it.