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As some of you already know, I’ve been desperate to own a Boston Terrier for a few years now. I wrote how I came to love them here, back when we weren’t sure if we really wanted one or not.  After that post was written though, our love for the breed became stronger and stronger, and our wanting one never passed.

Each year Kyle and I move we have a long talk about whether this is the year we get a dog or not, and based on our decision we then go apartment hunting. Two years ago we said “yes! Let’s get a dog!” but then I signed a year contract working 11am-9pm and knew if we got a puppy then, I’d never get to see her. So we said “this time, next year, when the contract is over, we’ll get a dog!”

One year later, I was promoted, moved to an 8-5 schedule, and Kyle and I were getting ready to move again. We discussed the option of getting a dog, and we mutually decided we were going to wait one more year, based on finances.

One year later, is this upcoming August.

Throughout this year Kyle and I have grown more and more excited for August and our chance at finally getting a puppy. I’ve had breeders picked out for well over a year, and I frequently check the Boston Terrier Ad’s just to look at all the puppies for sale.

I started seeing more and more ads that said  “Puppies available in July, taking names for waiting list now”. This got me even more excited, knowing that next month people would start advertising puppies available in August. However, instead of being patient, which I knew I couldn’t be when it comes to finally getting my Boston, I put up an ad myself explaining that I’m looking for a Boston Terrier that will be available to come home mid-August, and that I want a black and white female.

Within the first few hours I had 5 breeders contacting me. Some where ridiculous and charging $2000 a puppy for champion bloodlines and all that. Sorry crazy people, I know your dogs are special but I don’t need a champion bloodline to love my dog.

There were a few others that sounded promising, but then there was one specific email that just sang to me. I can’t explain it. It just felt right. I immediately emailed her back, and we emailed throughout the day. She sent me pictures of her dogs, she owns both mom and dad – no stud service. I like that. She sent me pictures from her most previous (her first ever) litter, from last year. Newborn shots and pictures from ten weeks and a picture from when one of them grew up. Her dogs are gorgeous! I fell in love.

After ten or so emails I went all in. I’m on the waiting list, 2nd in line for a female. (Fingers crossed the litter includes 2 females!!!) Tentative take home date is August 15th (Kyle and I have to first move into an apartment that allows dogs, so give or take a week or two, depending on where we end up and what our plans are come August).

My excitement is extreme. I need to go into major money saving mode now though, moving alone is expensive, and buying our dog on top of it is going hurt my bank account, but I’m not worried about it. I’ve been saving my money for this for a long time.

4 more months and I’ll be snuggling my Boston Terrier ❤