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There is something to be said about the drastic change in ones social life when you announce to the world you’re moving 1200 miles away.

I’ve become exceptionally popular.

It’s actually really interesting to see people you haven’t seen in years, just because they say “Who knows now if I’ll ever have the chance to see you again”. It’s fun to reminiscence over the times years ago and how much has changed since 18, 21, or whenever. It’s also interesting to discover the people who don’t think it’s worth it to make time to see each other again. Those people don’t surprise me, but in that sense it’s a shame to see how distant people can be, even those who used to be inseparable.

I’m incredibly happy though over a handful of people I’ve been spending time with in the two weeks or so. Some people in life truly will always be there for you, even after years of distance. As I’ve mentioned before my very best friend Andrea Jean and I are like that. Months can go by without communication but it doesn’t change a thing. Turns out there are a few more people like that in my life.

I’m a lucky girl.

In Denver news, literally everything is scheduled, set and ready. My dream apartment is available and ready for move in. My U-Haul is patiently waiting to packed. My apartment… well, that’s a disaster, but it’s a work in progress! 22 more days. Now off to a nice, quiet relaxing weekend with my parents and Andrea Jean – my last weekend back home until Christmas.