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Well, I officially have my new Denver address! Technology is amazing. I did a walk through and all my paperwork online, paid, and will have the keys in my hand before I even arrive (which is great, because I’m moving in on a Sunday when the office is closed). Even better, they offer a thirty day guarantee so if I get there and hate it I can move out with 100% refund. Fantastic!

I’ve been Google Street-viewing my neighborhood all day. It’s enjoyable, I can’t deny it. Last night I had a dream I was pulling into my neighborhood for the first time, and I’ve already looked at the maps and pictures so much that I’m pretty sure I was seeing it for what it actually looks like. Seriously Google… you’ve done so much for me. =)

16 and a half more days…!

I’m close to everything, I can walk within ten minutes to… anything I need. Grocery stores, concert halls, bars, restaurants, book stores, parks… I’m exactly where I always wanted to be.