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Today is the day. Today is the day it happened.

A month ago I put in my notice at work. I said I was moving to Denver and since two weeks would’ve landed my last day on the last day of the month, I was willing to stay four full weeks in order to train someone.

They still haven’t replaced me… so… I was never able to train someone. Because of this, I’ve been sitting around with nothing to do at work, for an extra two weeks. Two weeks I could’ve already been in Denver.

Granted, other aspects of my life made this little delay in my move a very happy, lucky, magical delay.  I’ve been experiencing all sorts of fun and events and activities I would’ve missed had I left two weeks ago.  Moving most of the way cross country makes each day a little more exciting. Each day spent with friends is a little more meaningful. Each conversation a little more detailed. Every smile is bigger, every laugh is more passionate. (A month ago, when I was numb, I felt like every smile was too small and every laugh too quiet. Things are looking up!)

I will always cherish these last four weeks. My last four weeks in Michigan, whoa. Anyway, when I made the plan and realized the reality that I was, in fact, moving to Denver I obviously became super excited. I couldn’t wait. June 15th couldn’t come fast enough. But then, waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and sitting at work with nothing to do, and waiting, and packing, and seeing your apartment get more and more bare, and waiting… the excitement fades into something a little more annoying. I just became more anxious to go, not really excited anymore. Then, I woke up one day and wasn’t even excited, just plain frustrated that I had waited so long to go and now I have all these days left and I was ready, NOW.

I knew I’d be excited again closer to the actual date. I was actually a little worried I wouldn’t be excited until I was in the car half way there…. But sure enough that day is today. I’m 72 hours away from packing the uhaul. I’m sitting at work bouncing up and down, anxious to go. I’m tearing up every time someone reminds me how close I am.  Each minute feels like it’s taking half an hour… I can’t sit quietly. I have every distraction available at hand and I’m taking advantage of all of them.

Let’s GO! I’m ready.

I’m still absolutely dreading how much I’m going to miss my friends. Especially that first week… not being able to constantly be google chatting Andrea, Trevor and Eric. Being too busy to keep up with my text messages and facebook. Not being able to walk into work each day and carry on an eight hour a day-never ending conversation with Tracy. Not being able to sit next to Mason and laugh endlessly. Not being able to hop in the car and drive to Port Huron and hug my parents and see Andrea Jean’s beaming smile. Not being able to be HERE in Michigan when Elizabeth FINALLY moves here. Missing my niece and nephews birthday party for the first time in thirteen years…. these are the things that are going to attempt to break me down. But, I’ll stay strong. Because the amazing thing about these people is that they’re still going to be there, 1200 miles from me but sitting closely in my heart and mind.

It’s time to start this chapter of my life…

72 more hours.