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I haven’t had internet since I got here, until RIGHT NOW. Sorry for the delay in posts. Today marks my 9th day in the Great State of Colorado!

I arrive on the 16th, as planned. My mom and I had driven straight through from Lansing the day before, arrived, emptied the car and the U-Haul BY OURSELVES (we’re tough women) and then finally came in to relax. The car was so packed that we couldn’t move our seats back, or lean them in any way. We slept straight up. We even had things squeezed in between us. I ended up having to leave a few things behind, which was heartbreaking but necessary.

Saying goodbye to my nearest and dearest wrecked me. I held in all my tears and said goodbye with a stern face. I refused to cry. But then the next day, moments before getting in the car I practically collapsed on my empty living room floor and just lost it. Complete hysterics. I knew it would come eventually, and that was when it happened. I cried for many things. It was my first real cry since a long heartfelt and hard conversation a few weeks prior and it all came pouring out of me. I cried for my best friends, for my job, for the recent surprise I was walking away from. I cried for Michigan, for my apartment, for the years prior that were gone. I just cried.

But then I got up. I washed my face and I hit the road. I took the driver seat and off we went. I was reminded of all the reasons I was leaving and I stopped being sad. No more tears. Haven’t had a reason to cry since.

We drove through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and then finally into Colorado. It was daylight again when we were coming into Colorado so a few hundred miles into the state line I finally got to see the mountains, and then a short while after that, the Downtown Denver Skyline.

Everything has been exactly as I thought it would. My apartment is adorable. Small, but plenty big enough for me. It has everything I want and need in an apartment. I am absolutely obsessed with my neighborhood. I walk or ride my bike to many places I want to go, grocery stores and parks, restaurants and downtown. I’m incredibly close to both the 16th street mall and also cherry creek shopping district. I love that everything is close by. I’ve explored enough already that I’ve already got my main areas figured out and no longer need to look up how to get somewhere.

My mom and I had a lot of fun in our week together. We explored the mountain towns and went to some of the highest peaks. We went shopping, bought new furniture, explored many parts of the city. We saw the botanical gardens and walked a couple of parks. We have twenty seven inside jokes about using gift cards at restaurants. I have zero complaints about anything I’ve seen here so far. This city really is perfect for me. My expectations have been completely fulfilled!

My mom left on Saturday, but her flight was delayed for TWENTY FOUR hours. That was a bit miserable, but she finally made it home safe Sunday afternoon.

Monday was supposed to be my first day of work, but I woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. I mean… EXTREME. I rushed to the hospital and missed out on all of Monday. Terrible timing! I’m okay. I narrowly escaped needing surgery but a shot to my gut and some really huge pills and I should be fine soon. Just because I know you’ll ask.. I ruptured an ovary. Apparently it had been swelling and developing over time. Like I said, I’m okay now. No worries, and I’m super familiar with the local hospital now!

Finally today I started work. I’ve just been training and proving my mortgage regulation knowledge. I hate training, always have. I want to just dive in and start working. But, first I must learn the system and the software and get so know the people around me. I must be patient. I will probably start processing on Tuesday, a week from today.

My coworkers and managers all seem pretty awesome. They are all very caring and friendly. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better in the following days and weeks.  And, as shocking at this is, my job is twice as far away as my job was from my apartment in Lansing, but takes less time to get there!! Even during rush hour! I can’t even complain about big city traffic here (not yet at least. that could change).

This is long. Sorry. It’s not even that interesting. But, it’s recent news. That’s all!