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Most days, I open up wordpress and I just type. I don’t put a lot of thought into the words that come out of my fingertips and sprawling across the page. My brain thinks them and then here they are. I press save and I move on.

The other day, I did that. But then I decided to really go back and try to put a little more effort into it. Change the wording a little and really embrace each sentence, making sure that how I really felt was what was actually here on the page for others to understand.

I put real work into that damn blog post! But of course, the one I put work into is the one that when I pressed save, it instead saved in No Man’s Land and I’ve had no luck finding it again.

I can’t recreate lost words. Yes, the story is still fresh in my mind, but it’s my flaw as a writer. I can’t go back and re-do.

I can’t come in here today and find a way to rewrite what I had written before. It’ll come out as a different story. I’ll miss interesting tidbits I had in the original. It will lack the emotional details. I can’t write about an experience twice and have each writing portray equal stories.

So, maybe now you’ll never get to know about how awkward but thoroughly enjoyable it was meeting my first set of friends in Denver. Or, maybe in a few weeks I’ll sit down and look back and write the event in hindsight. But, I definitely can’t write about it now. Sorry friends, I am.