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I’ve always wanted to find something physical or athletic that I could really get into. Something I could become hooked on. For a long time I was addicted to yoga, but even that I eventually grew bored of. I wanted to be a lean, consistent runner, but I found that to be painful and not at all enjoyable. I tried to train into it, I tried to force it, I tried to mind-over-matter pretend to love it. I couldn’t.

I knew when I decided to move to Denver that I’d want a bike. I also knew how completely out of shape I am, at least in the sense of biking. I’m thin and healthy, yes, but as I’ve mentioned before I cardiovascularly suck, and as far as muscles go… I definitely don’t have any. But, since I’ve been here I’ve ridden almost every single day and each day I conquer a taller hill or a longer distance and it honestly makes me feel so… inspired.

This is what I’ve been looking for in a work-out that I could never find in the past. This is the high I could never achieve during a run. I get out there and love feeling the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. My thoughts escape me and I can just focus on the beauty in my life. The stresses of my day fly away, the longing I feel for things I’m lacking in my life disappear.

I come home feeling refreshed and exhausted in the same moment. My brain is awake and revived; ready to take on the world, and my body sore but strong and unfaltering.

I found something I can’t wait to do each day. I found something I can’t imagine giving up, even though it’s only been two weeks of really having it around. Its a perfect combination for my love of the outdoors, the addition to my health kick and an athletic hobby I can sustain.