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I’ve been keeping a blog since I was sixteen or so. Well, I’ve kept many blogs since I was about sixteen. Most of which I’ve made private as years have passed and the times in my life have changed… and by “times in my life” I mean my maturity level… sixteen year old Sara blog was a mess and that is definitely not a side of me I’d ever want seen, especially in writing.

However, the entire time I’ve been blogging I’ve made many friends through the blogosphere from all around the country, some of whom I’ve kept in contact with for many years. Through reading other blogs religiously throughout my life I know too that I’m definitely not the only blogger who has made friends through similar writing styles and interests. Back when Xanga was my preferred blog host, there used to be Xanga meetups in many cities around the country, and very popular bloggers would travel from city to city making friends and getting to know the people that they’d previously only known through their written words. This fascinated me, but at the time I was too young, too poor, or at a time in my life where I just wasn’t interested in attending these types of events.

Moving forward to today, I can officially say I’ve met and spent time with a fellow blogger in person. We both live in Denver (in the exact same neighborhood actually, which is how we came to find one another in the first place) and spent an evening walking through the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens catching up on our lives with spoken word… a nice change.

Since I’m the type to share, you should definitely check out her blog. She has the most amazing cooking/recipe blog around, all are very healthy and very delicious. I like to call her blog a photography blog too… and you’ll see why when you see how fantastic the shots of the food are! Between the recipe descriptions and the pictures, I would sit in her imaginary cafe all day long. So check the lovely Marisa HERE!