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I am one hundred percent aware that I live in a fairytale world. Two of my best friends tell me I live in a movie set in my mind. I imagine wild, ridiculous stories about how my life is going to play out, practically on a minute to minute basis. I can ramble on for ten minutes about how in the next hour our lives can completely change. There are serious details in these stories. I guess I get that from my father. Anyone who knows him knows he can tell a damn good story.

On top of the scenarios my mind creates I’m also told on a regular basis that the types of things that happen to me never happen to anyone else, ever. My mom gets annoyed when we go out together because she has to stop so many times because strangers want to have conversations with me. I never initiate conversation. I walk with my eyes on the floor. I’m a little terrified of people.  But that doesn’t stop every sixth person at the grocery store to comment about my shoes or hop into the conversation I’m having at the time. I AM friendly, I indulge these conversations, but how they start… I have no idea.

I’ve been proposed to in an Auto Zone by the man in line before me. He made a scene. Got down on one knee and really belted out his “love” for me.

Just recently, at a bar with my new friends, a guy came up to the table and screamed my name, loudly, towards our table. He said he recognized me and wanted to say hello…

…Seriously? Do these things happen to other people?

I kind of got hit on by a Red Wing once. With my then-boyfriend. He swears it happened, I’m still not sure.

I tell friends about how strangers create such strange situations for me, and no one wants to believe me just because they’re so incredibly random. But they do, and I always have a friend to vouch for me. Luckily, someone always happens to be there. But even those friends who see it happen can’t understand how it happens. They say I live in an alternate reality. They say I live in a magical world where people are different.

I have no idea. I just felt like telling another strange but true story. Here it is.