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Life has been giving me quite the run-around lately. But everyday when I walk into work and tell my friends about whatever bullshit life handed me the night before or even that morning before work… I can’t help but still say it with a smile. It’s extremely frustrating, but at the end of the day I’m still in Denver and I still feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

We already know that since I’ve been here I’ve made amazing friends, gotten in good with my employer, bought a scooter and have been living it up. Never a dull moment here lately. But in between all the great days I’ve also had a lot of bad luck. Random bags of crap that have been thrown at me by life… including but not limited to:

  • my car suddenly has a pretty serious electrical problem that causes it to randomly lock and unlock (it locks me in when I’m trying to get out. I pull the lock up so its unlocked, I try to open the door, it’s locked again. OR I lock the doors. I make sure they’re locked… I come back from where I was and my doors are unlocked…). This little electrical problem also decides at random when my headlights will turn on and off, so I’m pretty much limited only to daytime driving at this point. However, I have my scooter, and most places I go I can walk too anyway. So even though it’s frustrating, it’s manageable.
  • my assigned parking spot at my apartment complex is on an incline. Parking my scooter there is literally impossible (it just sliiiiides down) which means I have to leave it on the street. This is for the most part fine, except that I bought it after hours on a Friday, and before Monday morning even arrived I had parking tickets for having an unlicensed vehicle on city property. Cool. I’m working on fighting that one. The entire time I owned the scooter the DMV hadn’t been open. I can prove it.
  • I don’t think I need to mention again my awesome trip to the emergency room shortly after arriving in Denver, but are you ready for this? My insurance at the time was still through my previous job… who is now refusing to pay since the hospital visit didn’t happen in the state of Michigan. What??? I’m working on fighting that, too.
  • My cat is dying. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain, so I haven’t taken any drastic measures yet. But she’s shrinking down into a tiny little thing. At this point she’s unable to groom herself properly, has no appetite and isn’t able to hold much food down. I’m working on putting nutrients into her water, since she still drinks quite a bit, but it’s not exactly easy. She spends her nights snuggled up to me and still attempting to catch the occasional fly.

This isn’t meant to be a vent-post, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’ve said before… nothing in life is truly easy. You have to be willing to work for what you want and you create your own happiness.  You take the good and you embrace it. You turn it into a blanket and surround yourself with it. You take the bad and you manage it. You take responsibility for it and you work to turn it around. At the end of the day, even the worst days, you enjoy what you have. You love deeply, you smile brightly, you laugh loudly… otherwise whats the point?

❤ =)