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Is it Friday yet?

Oh… it is?! IT IS!? And it’s AUGUST? When the hell did that happen? Yesterday?! Oh my gosh I’ve lost a month of my life. The last 31 days have been nothing but a blur of friends and money and the wind on my face and the lake at my feet. Seriously, fastest month of my life.

But even with that said, I’ve been in Denver only six weeks, but it feels like I’ve lived here for years. I can’t even imagine living anywhere else. The lingering memories of Michigan seem so far away. For the first time in a very, very long time, I feel home.

In the last month, on top of creating amazing relationships with amazing people, and figuring out a new job… I spent a lot of time in my glorious front yard: Cheesman Park; I went camping at Turquoise Lake; I went to potlucks and pool parties; I explored many bars through downtown and capital hill; I went to movie nights, went dancing and saw a comedy show; I bought a scooter, enjoyed cocktails on my roof as well as others; went into the mountains for hikes, long drives, book clubs and dinner. I’ve lived more in the last 31 days than I did through my entire college experience.

Why would I ever want to leave?

My job here in Denver is a little more… fast paced than it was in Michigan. In certain ways at least. In other ways my job is a hundred times easier and laid back. I guess it just depends on the day. The work itself is more in depth, but the process is a little easier. Even though I’m doing mortgage processing still, I’m not doing any of the things I was doing in Michigan. There was a strange period of adjustment, but I’ve got it all figured it out now.

This week was full of those really awful annoying things one must do shortly after moving to a new city. An appointment for my Drivers License and motorcycle endorsement. An appointment for my scooter plates. An appointment for my car plates (that one has been delayed. You wouldn’t believe how much plates and registration costs here…). I have a court date for Monday for a parking ticket that was given to me even though I was clearly not breaking any parking laws and can prove it. Wish me luck! It’s weeks like these that make think “I’m never moving again”. So much of a hassle. I’m definitely ready for this weekend.

As for August, it’s going to be pretty exciting too. First and foremost… Andrea is visiting! Thirteen more days and I have one of my closest friends standing by my side once again. Hitting the town, hiking the mountains or lounging in the sun, it doesn’t matter what we do because we’ll be smiling the entire way through it. Shortly after her visit (very shortly, actually) Eric is coming! More exploring and nights on the town! Introductions all around between old and new friends, and between old and new lives.

Many more nights with friends and weekends away…. Never a dull moment… never. Bring it on August, let’s do this! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for me =)